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401 of the coolest NFTs

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What the Nerd?

The Supernerds are a unique collection of programmatically generated NFTs living on the block(chain) created from over 170+ hand drawn traits.

These are the coolest antiheroes you will ever encounter. They may look innocent and chilled, but these geniuses have superhuman IQ and powers to match. The perfect PFP for NFT Nerds!

What's next?

Now that the initial minting phase is over, we are looking to create our development roadmap. This will be released in Q4 2021. We are looking to be more than just an NFT collection and to create a long-term brand and community who benefits as we grow. Early minters will be factored in as priority within our plans as we grow.

Be part of the journey.


What are the Supernerds?
Supernerds are an NFT collection of characters programmatically generated from over 170+ unique traits. The NFTs are completely randomized. Each Supernerd NFT is completely unique. How rare is yours? Trading is now live on Opensea
What is the total supply?
A total of 401 unique Supernerd NFTs have been minted.
How much does it cost to mint a Supernerd NFT?
Minting has now ended. You can purchase a Supernerd from an owner and view the collection here.
How can I contact you?
DM us via Twitter or contact support at support@supernerds.club.
When is the next phase and what are you planning to do now?
We are looking into the Metaverse and will be releasing our Development Roadmap and plan within the next few months. Expected Q4 2021.